We offer a variety of Aquatic Vegetation control strategies, including the following:
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Stocking Grass Carp - click photo to view more info on Grass Carp
Ottsville pond before treatment
DJ pond after treatment
A healthy Largemouth Bass taken from one of our ponds
Fathead minnow structure
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Ottsville pond after treatment
Ottsville pond - before
....and after
This private pond had a historic issue with filamentous algae but very little other vegetation.  Grass carp were stocked in the Fall.  To assist the grass carp, physical removal then chemical control of remaining algae was conducted the following spring.  Temporary aeration was provided to help with the decomposition of dying vegetation.  
Cottage pond before treatment
Cottage pond - before
Cottage pond after treatment
.....and after
This small pond had issues with excessive filamentous algae and cattails.  The algae was addressed using physical removal by seining initially, then stocking grass carp and assisting with occasional chemical control as needed.  Cattails were treated with a systemic herbicide (note the browning of cattails in the background in the picture on the left).  After a couple of seasons, no additional treatment has been needed.  
Stocking grass carp
Physical removal of algae using a modified seine net (left) followed by stocking of 
grass carp (right) are key components of our strategy to control filamentous algae. 
Seining algae
A typical approach we like to use........