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SJH pond two years after chemical treatment and stocking with Grass Carp
A Grass Carp of as-stocked size
Another successful outcome.......
Brodheadsville pond - before
....and after
Pondweeds, watershield and shoreline reeds and cattails
Beauty restored!
This spring-fed, cold water pond in the Poconos was entirely covered with Leafy and Curly-Leaf Pondweed, along with areas of Filamentous algae and Watershield.  The shoreline was also overrun with unwanted reeds, grasses and sedges.  The owners could not enjoy fishing in, or even the potential beauty of the pond.

The shoreline reeds, grasses and sedges were cleaned-up using a glyphosate-based herbicide.  The Watershield was spot-treated with a granular 2,4-D product and grass carp were stocked to provide continuous, ongoing control of the pondweeds and filamentous algae.  Aeration of the pond was also recommended.